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Release Flap

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Colors may vary!

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best!.  The Release Flap is a simple way to teach pitchers to keep their arm close to their hip.  Choose x-small, small, medium, large or x-large based on the pitcher’s approximate thigh size   Large fits most!  It’s better to be too big than to be too small.

Wear the release flap thigh-high on the pitching arm side. Place it at a 45 degree angle (not on the side nor directly on the front). Be sure the pitcher hits the flap with her pitching hand each time she passes her hip during her pitch…being sure to release at the final hit. This prevents an arm plane that gets away from her side as we are stronger in close to our body. 

We use the flap during stationary drills as well as full motion.

I have placed a flap on each leg to teach both arms to swing back in sync similar to the Jennie Finch style of pitching.

I have placed a 2nd flap on a student's knee to correct an upswing that goes out to the right…as well as on the glove to correct the same thing.

Finally for the circle that flares away from the head at the top of the pitch, I've used a flap sideways on the student's head.  She has to hit it as she brushes her ear.  Pretty funny looking!

Get your flap today for instant feedback on the arm circle plane and release point.

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