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Spin Right Spinner

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My #1 favorite tool for years, the Spin Right Spinner is the absolute best teaching tool and is a must for all pitchers whether beginning or advanced.  I use 2 dozen at a time during my lessons!! Developed by Cheri Kempf of Club K, the disc provides instant feedback to the pitcher and instructor. 

Two factors help a pitch move:  direction of spin and the speed of that spin.  The Spin Right Spinner lets you work on both.  Grip it one way to work on proper topspin, backspin or sidespin, depending on the pitch.  Grip it another way to work on the speed of the spin. 

I use it hundreds of ways including self tosses, half tosses to catcher, stationary drill, 75% speed working up to 100% full motion from the full distance.

Spin Right Spinner Instructions

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