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Radar Pitching Trainer PRO

  • $399.00

Heavy duty 16 gauge steel frame of the PRO model is designed to withstand ball speeds up to 95 mph.

Pitchers are going to love this pitching target because it has a radar!!!  The Radar Pitching Trainer combines a pitching target with a sonic radar ball speed indicator and a virtual umpire for the ultimate pitching experience. Each pitch's speed is displayed prominently at the top of the target!  I have verified the speed measurements with my JUGS radar gun and the speeds are the same or within 1 mph!!!

One or two pitchers work innings as the Radar Pitching Trainer's large "Electronic Umpire" display tracks the statistics:  pitch count, strike outs and walks.  Green light indicates a ball, red light a strike and yellow light an out.

Radar can be set for 45’, 50’ or 60’ 6” (baseball) and 35’, 40’, and 43’ (softball). New feature allows speed display to be turned off.

Dimensions: 38" x 39.9" x 57", 36 lb.

Note: This product will be shipped by a third party company and may be delivered via UPS or FedEx (instead of USPS, our standard carrier). We will relay the shipping information to you upon fulfillment. Thank you.

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