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Warm Up to Throw Not Throw to Warm Up - Online Video

Warm Up to Throw Not Throw to Warm Up - Online Video

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Never throw a softball without properly warming up your body and shoulder!  We cover 10 warm up ideas for you to choose from every practice or game day. Many of the routines can be repeated for recovery after your workout.

Make yourself an arm care bag with all the gadgets and create a habit that will save your softball career!!  This is a must for every position on the team!


  1. Venom Hyperice: Heat and Vibration (1:18)
  2. LAX/Roller Ball: Myofascial Release (2:50)
  3. Massage Gun (7:40)
  4. Foam Rolling (10:40)
  5. Dynamic Leg Warmup (13:55)
  6. Dynamic Shoulder Warmup (21:45)
  7. Dynamic Shoulder Warmup with Band (26:35)
  8. Static Leg Warmup (28:40)
  9. RMT/Tap Bell Club (35:30)
  10.  J-Bands (39:20)

TOTAL (47:07)

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