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Online Video:  WHIP IT and RIP IT (The Keys to Speed)

Online Video: WHIP IT and RIP IT (The Keys to Speed)

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In addition to the popular Speed Builders Series video and workbook, we take an in-depth look in this video at the keys to speed: Whip it and Rip it!

We discuss proven ways to make your hand move faster and for your fingers to push harder.

This video is a must for pitchers looking to push their speeds past the edge of their current abilities!

Whip It and Rip It - The Keys to Speed




2:51 Alternate Overhand with Underhand

9:30 Pendulum Whips

11:11 Half and 1-2-3 Whips

13:28 Towel Whips

16:18 Paddle and Rope Whips

19:02 Palm Up Downswing

21:39 Glove Snap Series 

23:40 Mini-Chutes

25:42 Basketball Half Toss

27:11 Ball Slams

27:49 Working Backwards



30:45 Finger Scrapes

34:00 Wall of Balls on a Stick

36:51 Double Ball

38:49 Sit and Spin

42:33 Heavy Exercise Ball Finger Rips

43:43 Basketball Finger Rips

44:39 Cross Grip Spinner

46:43 Fingerless Glove and Velcro Ball

48:31 RevFire: Ways to Increase Spin Speed

52:50 RevFire: Self Spins

53:53 RevFire: Slow Step-Kick Windmill into Explosive Spin

56:13 Grip Strength


1:00:11 Total run time

Other notes:

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  • For speed development, don't miss our Speed Builders Online Video and Workbook.

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