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Online Video and Worksheet: STATIONARY DRILL

Online Video and Worksheet: STATIONARY DRILL

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Want to throw faster, more accurately and spin it better??

Then spend focused work on the stationary drill! This drill isolates the pitcher's arm, which is her money!! I could entertain you all day with creative drills and tools in the stationary position. Chapters are organized by Spot, Spin, Speed and Fixes for mechanical problems with the arm.

A smooth, efficient arm circle leads to a successful pitching career!

Your package includes:

  1. 1:20 Stationary Drill video
  2. Worksheet that lists all of the topics and has a weekly calendar to chart your repetitions of each topic.

Table of Contents:

1:20 6 Things To Observe Every Pitch

3:06 Basic Setup and Warm Up

14:02 SPOT

14:09 Target Must-Haves

21:30 How to Hit Spots on a Target

33:57 SPIN

36:45 Ball on a Stick

37:16 Finger Scrapes

41:05 Spinner

46:55 Spinform

48:15 Fingerless Glove

49:15 Velcro Ball

50:04 EZ Rise

50:54 Double Balls

55:00 SPEED

58:23 Paddle/Rope Whips

1:00:53 Mini-chutes

1:02:10 Heavy and Lightweight Routine

1:06:27 FIXES

1:06:32 Inefficient Arm Circles

1:06:56 ThrowMax

1:09:24 Feel It and See It

1:11:11 Neck Brace

1:12:13  Pole in the Face

1:13:55  Fixes for Long, Smooth Arm Circle 

1:16:27 Fixes For Arm Plane

1:17:43 Noodle Helmet

1:18:50  Flap on Side of Head

1:19:35 Ladder with 3 Noodles

1:21:27 Noodle Jail

1:22:46  Low Vertical Noodle

1:25:00  Hanging Noodles

1:25:44  Pitch Under the Noodle


Total 1:27:52

 Other notes:

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