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Pro Power Drive

  • $190.00

Ever been told you need to use your legs more in your pitch?  The Pro Power Drive helps pitchers optimize their launch by developing muscle memory so they use their legs more. The built-in foot guides act as a drag box to keep the foot from prematurely rotating. 

With the patented spring system, the Pro Power Drive forces the pitcher to shift her weight into the drive/sprinter position to get the springs to compress and to teeter the platform forward.  You have to maintain that compression until you fully launch.  The springs help propel you forward to develop a longer stride. 

This builds muscle memory to drive with the power foot and leg.  The two foot guides on the device's platform act as a drag box so you can't prematurely rotate the power foot on the mound.  Rotating before you launch causes a minimum of 30% loss of power which results in big loss in velocity. The power foot will push straight ahead with the heel coming directly over the toe just like a sprinter coming out of the starting blocks. The power comes from your lower half for maximum velocity. 


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