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Drag Box

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The easy-to-assemble tall and long drag box teaches a pitcher the proper push and drag with the power foot. Similar to a sprinter coming out of a starting block, a pitcher needs to keep her power foot straight ahead as she drives off the mound. If she twists her foot too much prior to pushing away, the drag box will move, indicating the mechanical error.

The drag box teaches the heel to lift directly over the toe. The toe pointing down prevents leaping. Also, it is impossible to crowhop! The heel cannot improperly swing around nor can the pitcher illegally bear weight on the bottom of her foot while dragging properly out of the drag box!!!

The long length of the drag box teaches the softball pitcher's foot to trail straight behind after driving off. A common flaw is the drag foot cutting to the side too quickly. This sends power in other directions instead of at the target.

We often see heels that drag heavily along the ground. The foot acts like an anchor slowing the pitcher down. The height of this drag box will force the pitcher to get her heel up and over the toe and therefore off the ground.

Do not use a softball at first! A pitcher should do many air throughs using the drag box until she can successfully drag without touching any part of the box. Then try an actual pitch with the drag box in place. See if her foot  behaves. Does the box remain in place? The "evil" ball often brings back the bad habits we are trying to fix.  Put the ball down and repeat air throughs. This may take several thousand repetitions!  Eventually, remove the drag box and observe the foot action. Is it clean? If not, more work in the drag box is needed!

We use the drag box every day in most every lesson!  We also use the drag box on the balance beam!!

Assembly will require screwing 8 Philip head screws into predrilled holes. A cordless drill or Philip head screwdriver is needed. 

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