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Turf 3'x5' Jr. Pitcher's Mat with Power Strip

  • $120.00

This mini-sized 3 feet x 5 feet softball pitcher's mat is made from high quality, spike-resistant and durable nylon artificial turf with 5mm non skid foam. This softball mat comes with a regulation pitching rubber and has a 4" tufted white line for more precise training for softball pitchers of all ages. Can be used on any indoor or outdoor surface.  Made in USA.

Note: This short pitching mat is only recommended for very young pitchers or very short pitchers.  This 5-foot mat will only allow for a short stride length that most pitchers will quickly outgrow.

Note: This product will be shipped by a third party company and may be delivered via UPS or FedEx (instead of USPS, our standard carrier). We will relay the shipping information to you upon fulfillment. Thank you.

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