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Rise Ball Series - Online Video

Rise Ball Series - Online Video

  • $40.00

The Rise Ball is known as the scholarship pitch! Nearly 2 hours in length, the Rockin' Rise Ball video covers all the bases.

It's great for pitchers who have never learned a rise ball or for those who want to take their rise ball to the next level.

Rita Lynn and her students will demonstrate proper technique, an assortment of rise ball spin drills, how to increase velocity on your rise ball, and ways to improve the movement and accuracy of this pitch. 

Watching this video is the first step in throwing a Rockin' Riseball!

Disclaimer: This pitch is designed for more advanced pitchers who have solid basic fastball fundamentals. See video table of contents for more information.

Other notes:

  • Once you purchase access to this video, you will receive a unique URL to access the video as many times as you would like from your computer and phone.
  • You are welcome to view this video from other devices within your home, but sharing your unique URL is prohibited. 
  • There are no refunds on the sale of online training videos.
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