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As a softball pitcher, your arm is your life line...don't take it for granted!  I noticed students returning from physical therapy sessions were doing the same sort of exercises.  Why don't we prevent injuries before they happen??  J-Bands help you warm up to throw instead of throwing to warm up.

This rotator cuff exercise program is the key to preventing arm injuries while promoting arm health, strength, endurance and recovery period.  Just as sprinters would never consider running a race without thoroughly stretching out their hamstrings, softball players should never consider picking up a softball without doing their surgical tubing bands. The J-Bands allow you to perform 11 basic exercises to strengthen and protect the rotator cuff muscle group.  My video clip will demonstrate the exercises in detail. J-Bands Jr. (yellow) has a lighter tension and is designed for ages 13 and younger. The muscles of the rotator cuff are small and do not require a lot of tension.  Too much tension causes the pitcher to use the wrong muscles to perform the exercises.