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GTPS48Classic  48 inch Pitching Sticks

GTPS48Classic 48 inch Pitching Sticks

  • $320.00

A pitcher’s visual aid for pitching to multiple levels of the hitting zone. Adjustable ropes allow for pitchers to work on hitting precise locations. It has 11 different string positions in 4" increments. Perfect target for all levels of pitchers! Adjust string target to varying heights to practice "climbing the ladder" with pitches. Working on Riseball, put the cord on one of the top slots and pitch must pass under the cord before breaking. Working on drop ball, put the cord to one of the low slots and pitch must pass over the cord before breaking. Great for seeing proper riseball and dropball movement. Base assembly and sticks are easily transported, which makes them ideal for bullpens and practice areas. Very versatile tool that can be used as more than a simple target. Read our complete product review of this item to learn SEVEN different ways of using this product! Comes with a two year warranty on all parts and labor through the manufacturer. Proof of purchase is required. Adjustable to 10″(25cm), 14″(36cm), 18″(46cm), 22″(56cm), 26″(66cm), 30″(76cm), 34″(86cm), 38″(97cm), 42″(107cm), 46″(117cm), 50″(127cm). 


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Change Up Through Target from Rita Lynn Gilman on Vimeo.


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