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Designated Hitter Practice Partner

  • $350.00

I've finally found the perfect practice partner!  Made from weather-resistant, unbreakable plastic, the Designated Hitter steps up to the plate and doesn't flinch as we practice pitching aggressively in tight!  An orange string hangs from the hitter's elbow.  Pitchers practice hitting the string for a nasty inside pitch.  We have especially benefited from hitting the string in placement of the screwball and curve ball! 

At 5'9" the Designated Hitter also helps pitchers practice the various heights of their riseball and "chin music".

The hitter has a flat surface and beveled edges that help minimize deflections into the catcher.  The specially-designed engineered base ensures the batter stays on her feet while taking a beating, yet it's easy to move around the batter's box.  The batter's silhouette clearly defines key location points:  knees, elbows and hands so we can perfect pitching location and dominate the hitter!  Now that I have one, I can't practice without it!

"The Designated Hitter helps to have a batter stand in when you're pitching, and the DH gives pitchers the ability to 'throw live' to a hitter every day. Whether it's for softball or baseball, this is a product that will help your pitching career."
--Jennie Finch, United States Softball Olympic Gold Medalist


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