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Chinese Therapy Balls

  • $10.00

The Chinese Therapy Balls were developed to gently stimulate the muscles, nerves, and acupressure points of the fingers, hands, and forearms. The result is improved circulation, dexterity, and coordination. Also great for stress relief!

Great for finger dexterity, the Chinese Therapy Balls challenge pitchers to control their fingers! 

Spin the balls clockwise in your pitching hand.  Then reverse.  Once mastered, spin them so the balls don't touch.  If palm up is easy, try spinning the balls in both directions with your palm sideways.  Now palm down!!!  With palm up, you can make the balls jump over each other.  And then there's the two hand tricks to learn. 

Controlling our fingers will help us control the softball!

Available in 3 sizes:

  1. Small 40mm - for older children, women, and men with small hands
  2. Medium 45mm for most men and women with large hands
  3. Large 55mm for xtra large hands

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