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7" Zip Ball

  • $5.00

The Zip Ball is a tiny 7 inch ball that weighs 3.4 ounces.  This helps make it an easy transition back to the regular ball.  

The small size forces the pitcher to hold the ball in the pads of her fingers.  The pads are where the speed is!  Use for spins of all pitches. 

Start with self snaps...hear the snap of your fingers for curve and rise.  Then do half tosses close to your catcher and work your way back to full distance at full speed.  A student working on her screwball today for the first time with the zip ball said:  "Gee, this ball really makes you use your fingers!"  I love it when they figure it out on their own!

The Zip Ball isn't only for pitchers!  Hitters will improve vision, tracking and bunting skills.  Fielders will learn better body positioning, receiving skills and tracking skills.  Catchers will improve blocking and glove to hand transfer for quicker throws.  An instructional dvd comes with orders of a dozen Zip Balls.

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