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ThrowMAX Arm Brace

  • $40.00

The ThrowMAX Flexible Arm Brace is designed to keep players from using incorrect arm motions in both underhand pitching and overhand throwing.

For fastpitch pitching, the ThrowMAX prevents an overly bent arm at the top of the circle helping to train the arm to stay on plane with the target.  More importantly, it prevents elbow snaps (encouraging the correct arm whip) at release, a very common mistake I see every day with pitchers of all experience levels!

Secondly, for overhand throwing, the ThrowMAX does not allow the elbow to bend beyond approximately 90 degrees. By not allowing the arm to bend much beyond 90 degrees, players will automatically compensate by raising their elbow to shoulder height or higher. This is the start of a mechanically correct over-hand movement. Repetition with the ThrowMAX aids an athlete's "muscle memory" of the correct throwing mechanics.

I have 3 sizes:  small (5'2" & shorter), medium (5'3" - 5'8"), and large (5'9" & taller).  In addition to height, consider her bicep size when selecting your ThrowMAX size preference.  If in doubt, I find a medium fits most everyone!!!

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