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Ball on Stick Spinner

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The Ball on a Stick Spinner can be used for the fastball as well as rise and curve spins.  It is difficult for a young pitcher to feel a ball rolling off her fingertips.  Instead of a ripping the ball off, she too often pushes the ball out of her hand, resulting in a lack of speed and accuracy.  The Ball on a Stick Spinner is a simple way to help develop the actual roll sensation and finger pressure.  

For the fastball it can be used 3 ways: 

  1. Pitcher holds stick in her glove hand, grips the ball correctly with pitching hand palm up, and bends her wrist and fingers making the ball spin quickly.
  2. Catcher holds stick on power line while pitcher grips ball, rolls off fingers and snaps wrist as forearm brushes hip; pitcher should immediately follow with a glove snap mimicking the roll she felt with the stick.
  3. Pitcher stands in stationary drill position; catcher holds stick low; pitcher rolls, snaps and follows through; follow immediately with stationary drill to feel the roll/rip off fingers!

For the curve and rise the stick represents the axis of rotation:

  1. Pitcher holds stick either up for curve or outward for rise.  Twist the fingers correctly and the stick will stay still.  Twist incorrectly and watch out for the helicoptering stick!!
  2. Once mastering the self spin, the pitcher tosses the Ball on Stick Spinner to her catcher while keeping the stick steady.  This requires precise spin and twisting of the fingers!!!

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