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Rita Lynn's Online Basic Video: Pitching My Way

Rita Lynn's Online Basic Video: Pitching My Way

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Over 2000 copies sold!!  "Pitching My Way" is 2 hours 19 minutes long with 63 chapters (and is now available for instant access online).  You've never seen a pitching video quite like this!  All the other videos on the market skim the surface, giving you little information and little humor.  Drawing from 30 years teaching experience, I share tons of teaching tricks as I cover detailed pitching mechanics, corrections and drills with easy-to-understand explanations.  Brittany Blankenship (right-handed pitcher) and Casey Clarke (left-handed pitcher) are my student demonstrators.  You're sure to be pleased with the amount of detail in this gold mine of information!  Start teaching and training better today!

Other notes:

  • Once you purchase access, you will receive a unique URL to access the video as many times as you would like from your computer and phone
  • There are no refunds on the sale of online training videos


  • Detailed descriptions of the legwork and armwork of the fastball mechanics of fastpitch softball pitching
  • For beginning pitchers to learn correct stance, routine and mechanics
  • For advanced pitchers to critique the finer points of their basic form
  • Demonstrations by a right- and left-handed pitchers
  • Analysis of what can go wrong in every aspect of the pitching motion
  • Candid, original tricks for fixing errors
  • Drills for improving hand dexterity, balance, accuracy and speed
  • Demonstrations of many pitching tools that you can make at home or purchase
  • Drills that provide instant feedback and promote muscle memory of correct mechanics
  • Alternate, legal windups and deliveries used to deceive the batter
  • Find out why I consider balls to be "evil"
  • Learn the secrets of the "Death Trap"
  • The importance of the Power Line
  • Why I don't force fielding position
  • How to fix an ugly arm circle
  • My favorite arm whip drills
  • How to increase spin speed for all pitches
  • Juggling for hand coordination
  • Complete workouts with:
  1. Tight Spin Trainer for skill-specific strength building
  2. Spin Right Spinner for hand dexterity
  3. Cannonball for speed building
  4. Balance beam for posture and body awareness
  5. Stationary drill for increasing arm speed
  6. Glove snap series for arm whip and release point

Detailed descriptions of how to teach:

  1. Leap and drag style
  2. Height to the stride leg
  3. How to drive off and drag correctly with the power foot
  4. How to identify, prevent and fix illegal leaps & crow hops
  5. Reverse posture
  6. A powerful kick into a figure 4 position
  7. Resistance with the stride leg side
  8. Correct hip angle at release
  9. Proper use of the glove arm
Testimonials for the DVD:
I’ve finally found a pitching style that makes sense to me. I’m one who is always looking for the “why?”.  I’ve taken my daughter to other coaches but some of the things they taught just appeared to be counter-productive and I never got a satisfying answer to many of my questions about why things are done certain ways (snapping your hip through, for example). With your style, all the physics involved make sense so I decided to order your video after studying your clips on and seeing results (especially in accuracy). From all the time we’ve wasted with the other methods, it’s a bit of a struggle to make such dramatic changes...  Thanks for your time!   Juan C.  Texas    
I wanted you to know, your video "Pitching My Way" is awesome.  You are miles ahead of all the other videos I have viewed.  Easy to understand, and you touched on all the finer details that a lot of other videos leave you guessing on.  I especially love all the drills that you packed into it also.(So does my daughter ha-ha)  So good job and I can't wait till you can throw some advanced pitches video our way.         Jared H. Texas    
I am very impressed with the info on this DVD. I have been coaching for 15 years and it is the best pitching dvd I have seen and believe me I do a lot of research and read and view a lot of info. Very good Rita as you break it down step by step. I watched it with two of my younger girls yesterday and they just ate it up. Thanks again!                        Glenn H.  New Hampshire        
Thank you for putting out your DVD. I had it on my desk for weeks and finally watched it. I have watched other videos that are good, but not comprehensive like your DVD.  My daughter has two flaws that need correcting and now I have the confidence that I can instruct the correction. All because of you. What makes your DVD so powerful is that you go through each segment of the motion, break it down, point out common mistakes and then you take the time to explain on how to correct the problem.  You have a big fan in Tucson, AZ. I will be promoting your DVD to our league as well as others so I hope you start to see some orders from Tucson. Eric H.Tucson, AZ
I found your pitching techniques on you tube and I thoroughly enjoyed your DVD. We have slowly started implementing your techniques.  Every pitching coach we have gone to always told her to close her hips, that she has a lazy hip.  But now with your style of leaving hips open, she has been more accurate than ever! Thanks very much Rita Lynn!!!    Victoria  R.  California      
My daughter and I have gone through your video once and we took notes knowing how involved it would be.  We both agreed there is a gold mine of knowledge waiting for us in this DVD.             Mike S. Utah        
Wanted to tell you how much my daughter and I enjoyed your DVD. It was very helpful for my daughter to see your techniques & drills. She is a first year pitcher. (8yrs old.)  She pitched in a 10U fall league in September; she had 53 K’s in 24 innings. Her control is quite good I’m hoping your video will help her with her speed over time. Thank you again!         Rodney B. Ohio

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